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Corporate Events
Corporate Events
Corporate Events

For Less than the cost of treating your employees to dinnerPamper Perfect Mobile Spa brings the day spa experience to your Corporate Event, Employee Appreciation, Recognition or Wellness Event with corporate spa parties and massages in your office – perfect for office parties, corporate event planning and employee health and wellness.

Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa makes good business sense. According to the Bureau of Labor and Industries, companies emphasizing employee health and wellness perform better. Our corporate Day Spa services offered by Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa are designed to help individuals maintain a balance in a world that is increasingly out-of-balance. Companies that have offered weekly fifteen-minute spa treatments  for employees have noted decreased complaints of headache, back strain, and fatigue. Employers who offer unique services to employees also report lowered turn-over rates. Try something other than a luncheon, or dinner. Treat employees to an experience by rewarding them for a job well done.

A study done by the Touch Research Institute at The University of Miami indicates that after spa treatments, research subjects demonstrate enhanced alertness and performance.  Massage and spa services have also been shown to reduce anxiety and fatigue in high-stress jobs.

The American Institute for Stress estimates that one million workers are absent from their jobs each day because of stress. Stress costs US industry more than $300 billion.

Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa delivers stress-reducing, work-enhancing spa services to your workplace. Add Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa to your list of employee benefits. Reward employees for a job well done with Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa. We’ll design a corporate wellness program that’s ideal for your workplace.

The services that Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa will provide for guests are: Pamper Perfect Spa Sampler

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INCLUDES All Travel Equipment and Supplies -- all we require is a 50% deposit to reserve the date.

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